A New Look

img089.jpgRowe Center ca. 1898

RHS is in the process of updating its website, we hope you will enjoy our new content and blog.  There are so many interesting things that happen at the museum year round that help history come alive for Rowe residents and visitors.  We are striving to make our history interesting and accessible to students of every age.

This blog will have stories about the people, places and activities of Rowe’s past – anything from the mid 1700’s until today.  If there is a topic of interest to you don’t hesitate to comment and we will do our best to give you answers.

We hope this will encourage you to pay a visit to the museum.  The best part is you can go anytime with an appointment.  Call a few days ahead of your visit and a trustee will meet you and give you your own private tour.  Family visiting for the holidays?  Need something fun and interesting to do on a Sunday afternoon?  Call us and we will set it up.